The callus shaver is also known as the credo knife. The credo knife is basically used in cosmetic stores and medical to remove the dead skin or stubborn skin on any callus affected area or feet. The callus shaver or credo Knife is a made with two in one combination where one is a knife and the other side of a rasp.How to use a callus shaver

There is a difference between the removing dead skin and removing dead skin too much, many well-known specialist doctors are reported that removing deep callus can be more painful.  The callus or corn is caused by friction or pressure on the foot, to get rid of this problem many people use the callus shavers or callus gel by using salicylic chemical or lactic chemical liquid. The callus or corns can happen because of the high hills and the tight shoes which put some extra pressure on our foot, this can be responsible to cause a callus to numbness.

About callus shaver:

  • The callus shaver is not the new concept to remove hardened skin yet few of us buy one shaver.
  • According to reports, there are brands who ranked in the top 10 in 2019
  1. Naturalico
  2. Emjoi Micro-Pedi power
  3. Pedisoft
  4. Soft Feet callus reducer
  5. Tweezermancallus shaver
  6. Lilian Fache
  7. Utilize rechargeable electronic File
  8. Nature Tech
  9. Thunder star
  10. Emoji Micro-Pedi Nano by Emoji

The credo knife or callus shaver has the price according to brand as few brands are offering in the medium range of cost, so the buying callus shaver is more affordable to anyone.

How to use credo knife or callus shaver:

To use a callus shaver, you have to follow the instructions gently or you will end up hurting yourself,

  • First of all, Soak the callus affected area in warm water.
  • Then, you have to clean your feet or hand where the damage or skin is hardened.
  • By using metal plate effort to remove the unnecessary first layer of the skin.
  • Then, step by step apply a few drops of lactic acid on the damaged area of the foot.
  • Now, try to remove the callus or damaged hardened skin by using the callus shaver or credo knife.
  • After this procedure, repeat the process for the next few days until the hardening skin has successfully become the soft skin.

How to buy callus shaver or credo knife:

To buy callus shaver or credo knife, there are so many websites, so you can buy callus shaver on the best-recommended platforms which only give the information about the specific callus shaver. Do not prefer sponsored platforms where you don’t get the information.

Or you can buy the callus shaver or callus remover offline in local areas of your region.

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The excess use of the callus shaver or gel can be hurt because of the callus and the corns have very stubborn (thick) skin or dead layers and painful to remove. Using of the callus shaver or Crado knife makes them (Soles of the feet or any callus affected area) worse.