Be careful while using the electric shaver though it is easy for the beginners, it is not. Care should be taken while using the electric shaver first time.How to shave with electric shaver

Grease up

  • Grease up the metal bits of your shaper and screen. A limited quantity of ointment ought to be showered on the screen while the razor is running. Try not to clear it off when you’re set.
  • Counsel the client’s manual for what oil works best for your model. Try not to utilize an oil implied for different instruments as it might contain unforgiving synthetic compounds not intended to contact your skin.

Counsel a healthy skin

  • Counsel a healthy skin pro quickly if a rash or aggravation occurs in the wake of applying another oil. Odds are you’re having either a hypersensitive response to the grease or a mix of the oil and other healthy skin items.
  • Clean your razor. In numerous models, you can lift off the leader of the razor. You should then brush the hairs out of the shaper and cleaning brush.

Apply moisturizer

  • Apply moisturizer to your recently shaved face. This is particularly significant in the event that you use liquor based pre-shave, as the liquor dries your face out.
  • Counsel a healthy skin expert to discover what face cream works best for your skin type.
  • Check your mirror for missed spots. Electric shavers may leave little fixes in difficult to arrive at regions so it’s ideal to investigate the mirror before securing your shaver.
  • Wash away and wipe off any free hair and utilize your fingertips to feel if there are any free strands remaining.

Electric shave:

Shave your neck and underneath your jaw. This region is the most touchy and the trickiest so take as much time as necessary. Tilt your head up and draw nearer to the mirror to get the best visual point.

Numerous men with delicate skin should shave the most delicate zones, similar to the neck territory underneath the jawbone, first, and after that transition to harder spots like between the ears, nose and mouth since certain shavers create heat that can cause irritation.[19]

Shave underneath your lip and jawline. Chomp and suck in your lower lip to amplify the surface zone that the shaver contacts. Go gradually around your lip to ensure you don’t cut yourself.



Shave your mustache region underneath your nose. Utilize the forefinger of your non-predominant hand to lift up your nose and power your upper lip descending to give progressively surface territory to you to shave.


You can likewise have a go at moving your upper lip away from the course that you are shaving. For instance, shave descending and to one side as you push your upper lip toward the right. This will help level out your skin and open your shaver to a greater amount of your hair.

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Electric shaver is useful for the close shave, it helps you to clean quickly on an urgency. Use it carfully and clean your.