How to use a foil shaver

The day by day battle with stubble leaves numerous men with scratches and stray hairs. Foil shavers spare time by giving both an amazingly close shave and ensuring your child delicate face all the while. Utilizing a foil shaver takes something other than scouring it over your skin heedlessly. A foil shaver work The foil […]

How to use a callus shaver

The callus shaver is also known as the credo knife. The credo knife is basically used in cosmetic stores and medical to remove the dead skin or stubborn skin on any callus affected area or feet. The callus shaver or credo Knife is a made with two in one combination where one is a knife […]

How to shave with electric shaver

Be careful while using the electric shaver though it is easy for the beginners, it is not. Care should be taken while using the electric shaver first time. Grease up Grease up the metal bits of your shaper and screen. A limited quantity of ointment ought to be showered on the screen while the razor […]